PLC Training Org.

This site is to organize a best in class PLC training approach and offer related resources. A learning path to becoming a PLC expert. As industrial control evolves, so will this site to always offer best practices in PLC training. Below is the recommended PLC training path, broken into 10 sections (learning phases). Also at the bottom of each 10 section pages, will be a yellow button to for free and open access to PLC training best practices and advice relevant to that PLC learning phase / section.

Recommended PLC training path by occupation...

As PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) not only control all most every machine in every industry around the world, but also control most of the world’s infrastructure, learning PLCs via this best practice approach also opens many more career opportunities for PLC experts. Should you want a free easy way assess your team's PLC knowledge and skills, try these online PLC training test.

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