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RSLogix ladder logic example of Indirect Addressing and more ...

"A Ladder Logic PLC programming tutorial"

This is an actual SLC500 ladder logic program written with Allen Bradley's RSLogix ™ software. (So you will need RSLogix500 ™ software to view the programming examples.)

We wrote this example ladder logic for our training classes and descriptored it well so you can learn the following more advanced capabilities of the SLC 500 processors such as indirect addressing. You will receive by email a download link to download the zipped file with two or more versions of the same program set up for different SLC 503 and SLC 504 processors. (1747-L541, 1747-532, 1747-531)

If you only have RSLogix5 ™, let us know and we'll convert the program over to work with a PLC5 processor.

Email with download link sent immediately after purchase.

Price: US$35.00

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