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If you don’t know what a PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) is and/or think it is a PLC, you want to learn more on this topic. Because PAC is like a computer that includes a PLC, learning the PAC is a more advanced topic. In contrast to the PLC whose design objective was to keep it simple for the electrician to work with, the PAC is designed with IT and computer programmers in mind. So best practices dictate learning the PLC basics foundation first, before trying to tackle the PAC. Like with all the different communication protocols being a lot to learn and some areas quite complex, so is the PAC.

The first step is to learn the major differences between a PLC and PAC, so you will have a better understanding of what areas of the PAC require the most attention. With each I/O having its own processor, Ethernet, multiple processors running programs in each rack, and each processor having dual multi-tasking processors, the firmware provisioning, the learning curve for hardware and commissioning is huge compared to the simple auto-config PLC. With Task - program, priority – flow (scan cycle methods), different computer like memory and addressing structure, all 5 programming languages, and even a built-in motion controller, everything about the PAC is a huge learning curve compared to the PLC. For the most part, the only thing that is simple and mostly the same as the PLC is the ladder logic. You will want to start with the particular PAC brand you will be using or the most common on the market. Below we recommend RSLogix 5000 training software (Allen Bradley brand PAC).

We have color-coded this entire site based on Occupational titles. This is to help you decide what PLC training is most needed based on your relative occupation.

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Recommended PLC training path by occupation...

  • mechanic Mechanic
  • Industrial Electrician Industrial Electrician
  • Industrial Engineer Industrial Engineer
  • Commercial Electrician Commercial Electrician
  • Instrumentation Tech Instrumentation Tech
  • Industrial IT Industrial IT
  • Maintenance Manager Maintenance Manager
  • Mechatronics Tech Mechatronics Tech
  • Software Programmer Software Programmer

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