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PID Tuning Blueprint Kit (Professional)

Simplifies tuning PID oops and provides many PID tuning tips.

By Finn Peacock

pid tuning methods PID Tuning Tips Cheat Sheet PID Tuning Logbook

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PID Algorithm Tutorial PID Tuning Calculator and Simulation Software process linearizer macro

Description: Over 88 pages with PID Calculator and PID Simulator
The PID Tuning Blueprint Kit Pro contains the most simple PID tuning methods ever devised, plus many PID tuning tips, PID Calculator and PID simulator. Download Step by step instructions, the logbook, cheat sheet, the Idiot's guide to Algorithms and simulation software with calculator designed into MS Excel. Save downtime cost and it is great for training. Discount licenses for Schools, Corporations and Government multi-user Kits.

Control Engineering magazine tested 5 vendors' autotunes in their January 2009 issue. 80% didn't work at all. So even if your controller has the auto-tune feature, you will need this PID Tuning Blueprint. The PID Tuning Blueprint is proven to tune most Temperature Controls, Flow Controls, Pressure Controls, Level Controls, pH Controls, Speed Controls, and Servo Controls. The PID Tuning Blueprint walks you through a step-by-step check of all the process fundamentals before the tuning begins. PID tuning tips learnt from over a decade in the game, that you won't find in any text books. Unlike other PID Tuning products, you won't need a a PhD in math to understand this material.

Combining the PID Tuning methods detailed with the PID Tuning Calculator result in ...

Finn Peacock has used the same PID Tuning methods assembled from lots of different sources over his 12 years as a control engineer working with some of the best Control Engineers in the world. He used these very same technique to tune PID loops from nuclear power plants to chocolate factories. The PID Tuning Blueprint takes you by the hand and guides you through the process of identifying how YOUR controller works and what units it uses. You then get all the tools you need to translate your freshly calculated tuning constants into your controller's language.

About the Author :

Finn Peacock is a Chartered Professional Engineer , and has been in the Control System Engineering game for over 12 years. He has has worked in the Nuclear, FMCG, Automotive, Chemical, Packaging, Food and power generation industries for over a decade.

Finn is passionate about teaching good engineering practice in plain English to improve processes around the world, improving their efficiency, reducing waste, and ultimately keeping industries profitable in the face of increasing costs from all sides.

Customer Comments ...

"Easy to use and to follow. This is probably is the best down-to-earth material for tuning PIDs that I have ever seen. Really,.. it is Idiot Proof. It is like you just follow the lines painted on the floor and you will arrive safely at your destination. Using your Blueprint, my process was tuned with just PI. PID was not necessary after it was so well tuned." -Francisco Lopez - Advanced Integrated Solutions Inc - USA

"What I liked most about the PID Tuning Blueprint was its simple approach. We have implemented it on our clients’ processes and the results are great." -Stefano Ruede - Engineering Solutions Inc - Oregon, USA

"In implementing the PID Tuning Blueprint, I was able to uncover instability in the glycol cooling loop. The company was impressed by how the PID Tuning Blueprint was able to be used as such an effective tool in identifying deficiencies in the glycol control loop, at a fraction of the cost of software such as RSTune." -Terry King - Gay Lea Foods - Ontario, Canada

"I like the fact it is plain English with humor interjected." -David Molley - Industrial Innovations Inc - Los Angeles, USA

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