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PLC Troubleshooting Resources

PLC Troubleshooting Resources

Troubleshooting PLC Circuits

XP, Windows 7 & Vista compatible software (64bit or 32bit)

This PLC simulator used for PLC training creates faults for user to learn skill of troubleshooting PLC controls. This Programmable Logic Controller training simulates real world faults allowing user to use simulated VOM, ladder logic and other tools to troubleshooting control circuits wired to the PLC controller simulator.

NOTE: This PLC training software was kept generic in nature so it can be included in your AB PLC training, Siemens PLC training, GE PLC training, Mitsubishi PLC training, Schneider Electric PLC training, Modicon PLC training, etc.

If you have already experienced the 3 programs in the V4 Electrical Troubleshooting Series and the Advanced Industrial Troubleshooting Simulation, you are ready for and will be at home with the Troubleshooting PLC Circuits program and using the PLC simulator.

Learn how to determine the operation of PLC controls using ladder diagrams, wiring diagrams, input/output schematics, and data sheets. Learn how to monitor and change settings in ladder logic programs using a laptop. Learn how to identify defective input, output, and PLC control modules using the multi-meter. Learn a variety of specific techniques for diagnosing malfunctions and troubleshooting circuits for any PLC make or model.

Designed for use by Instructors, Supervisors, Students and experienced Tradespersons.

Instructors: Use Pro or Enterprise Editions as part of your classroom training course.

Supervisors – Use Pro Edition to improve the troubleshooting skills of your staff, and your company’s bottom line.

Apprentices and Students – Use Personal Edition to learn to safely and effectively troubleshoot PLC circuits.

Trades people – Use Personal Edition to further develop and hone your PLC troubleshooting skills.

13 Guided PLC Training Labs:

In-depth videos cover the important information you need to know about PLCs:

The PLC Components labs cover:

The Interpreting Programmable Logic Ladder Diagrams labs cover:

12 PLC Simulator Practice Faults walk you through troubleshooting:

Practice the PLC controls specific troubleshooting techniques you have learned on 6 Guided Exercises and 6 Practice PLC Faults:

Screen shots of 3 Complete Circuit Simulation Environments:

Feedback and Evaluation:

More Programmable Logic Controller training screen shots:

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