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Electrical Engineering Scholarships

Electrical Engineering Scholarships: AST-CCs is now accepting scholarship applications for the 2024 academic year scholarship program.

To help aid our efforts to improve the quality of automation training, we have developed the AST-CCs scholarship.


The academic achievement required to gain scholarship consideration is to submit an essay with 600 or more words on the topic of Industrial Automation Technology. This will require internet research and demonstrate that the applicant has computer and internet literacy which is essential to work with today’s automation technology. Ten full scholarships for a total of $10,000 plus in education will be awarded. (Scholarships sponsored by Business Industrial Network, and Koldwater. )

Courses these scholarships will fully fund are  (Each recipient receives all 7 independent study courses, courses in Window PC software format.) …


Automation certificate courses above are delivered in interactive software course format to be installed on a Windows PC operating system. So, recipient can take courses as pre-college preparation, during college or technical school for greater understanding. The automation course software never expires, so applicant can use again before a new job, as a refresher. (Details of automation courses this scholarship awards, can be found by following “Automation Technology Specialist's Bundle” link at Automation Technology Courses.

Note: No applicant or winner, will ever be charged any fee, shipping or any cost to student. No payment information will ever be required in relationship to this scholarship.

AST-CCs Scholarship Criteria:

As this scholarship information and application was designed to be as simple as possible under Lean Six Sigma principles, some of the criteria is implied on application page, not spelled out on this summary page. This was done by design, to simultaneously filter only qualified applicant who may excel in independent study, problem solving and have necessary computer skills to qualify. Those who will benefit the most from this AST-CCs Scholarship for Engineering and Maintenance Students. For example after reviewing application, applicant will learn there are no financial qualifications for this scholarship. Applicants need only be a current student and make it through the application process. For example applicant may be thinking of calling or writing to ask, "What kind of student", which is already indicated on application form. As we are seeking critical thinkers who pay attention to detail and who speak English, that inquiry would disqualify applicant.

3 Steps to win Automation Specialist Training Certificate Courses Scholarships:

1. Apply. (Application deadline is May 10, 2024 or when all ten scholarships have been awarded. Scholarships are awarded today, and until deadline, so apply today.)

2. Upon application approval, applicant will be emailed info to submit paper.

3. Best papers chosen, will receive scholarship for certificate course downloads.

Example of best scholarship - Shown, recent scholarship winner Emmanuel does more than minimum word count, includes multiple pictures, and even creates a video. That is going the full mile. Congratulations Emmanuel.



Addendum to privacy policy stated at link below... (Applicable to scholarship applicant only.) : All data submitted in scholarship application will be used only for evaluation and contact related to scholarship only. The exception being winners of scholarship, where name, school name country/state and field of study will be publicly listed as proof of scholarship awarded. Applicants will not be added to any non-scholarship related contact list.

The postal information below is for administrative purposes only, handled by sponsor. The online scholarship application linked to above is the only application method accepted.

Business Industrial Network

5130 S. Fort Apache Rd., Suite 215-354, Las Vegas, NV 89148