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We will email only applicants who are approved to participate in the AST-CCs Scholarships For Engineering Students. Upon approval, applicant will receive email with instructions on how to participate in the scholarship contest. This will occur within 3 business days after applying. Any attempt to contact us about application status outside of this application process will result in applicant not being allowed to participate in scholarship contest. This policy as well as this scholarship application are specifically designed to find independent problem solvers to participate, who will benefit the most from this AST-CCs Scholarship for Engineering Students. If applicant does have a question, they can post them to the PLC Forum, so others can help.

Name of postsecondary schools you currently attended. Use official school name, not abbreviation. Only college or vocational students accepted.

Field of study at school.

Instructor's name for field of study.

Scholarship Qualifiers:

I am NOT an employee, or related to an employee of , Business Industrial Network or Koldwater.

I am fluent in the English Language

I own or have access to a standard PC with Windows OS?

Assessment of skills that are important to those in the industrial automation field.

What did you score on the Short Industrial Computer Literacy (SICL) self assessment test?

(When taking test above, use same email address you provided above so score can be verified.)

How would you rate your ability to learn on your own without an instructor to guide you? 1-5

Do you do use internet searches to seek diversity of knowledge about topics of your interest or do you typically go to one trusted source for your information?

I seek multiple sources. I like single sources.

To date, how many certificate courses have you taken on your own?

Industrial Automation Mechatronics and Robotics Electrical Engineering Other

Which interest you most?

By submitting this scholarship application, you are agreeing that the above information is accurate and truthful.


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