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PLC Training Videos

... and PLC training video series samples.

PLC Programming Training Best Practices

Some can be just an introduction video, like ours for PLC Training Org. See below for more useful PLC Training Videos and clips from PLC training video series....

What is a PLC

A great PLC training video to share on your site or in the classroom for those who enter who may not know what is a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). So beyond the video that is basically an ad, some can be a very simple introductory video or niche PLC topic like the one below.

Hands-on PLC Training Videos

Example of hands on PLC training in this PLC training video. A great demonstration of how PLC training videos can have real world knowledge and experience contained within. These are great to gain knowledge not taught in school or books.

PLC Training vs PAC training

PLC training videos can be used to simplify what would otherwise be a complex concept. Like in the PLC training video below that explains the conceptual difference between a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and a PAC (Process Automation Controller).

RSLogix 5000| Example of a PAC

This PLC training video is a more detailed example of a PAC and the many differences between it and a PLC. A more detailed look at what is a Programmable Automation Controller.


PLC Training Video Series

PLC training videos may be structured as part of a PLC training video series for more complex topics. Like the PLC training video below is the 1st in a series to teach the advanced topic of PLC networking basics, using an advanced PLC (a PAC). Coincidently, this sample PLC training video series is also an example of an advanced training video technique that makes the PLC training video series interactive too.


PLC Training Video Series - Course

The last category is PLC training video series that are an entire course. The PLC training video below is a sample from one of the most popular PLC training video courses. Remember watching a PLC training video series or even taking an entire PLC training video course does not in its self properly prepare you to work with PLC out in the real world, but is an important step. PLC training series are a great way to supplement or replace typical PLC scholastic education like that you would receive at a community college or reading a book. But to be properly trained in PLCs, one must not just get the scholastic training, but first get the foundational training, and after scholastic education, get the PLC troubleshooting training and the hands on PLC training. Then if you want to continue your education in PLCs, move on to the 5 more advanced phases, PLC programming, communications, PACs, HMI, SCADA etc.


 See more PLC training videos and see more PLC videos from the PLC training video series.