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The previous section covered the laired approach to best-in-class PLC training. After that training, the next phase is a more detailed scholastic PLC course. Ensure the scholastic PLC course completion within three months of the PLC foundational training. There are a couple of scholastic training options. You can take the recommended PLC Training video course below for independent study. Or a scholastic PLC course can be taken at your local college. But they need to teach all four areas mentioned below. The more details covered, the better. The PLC video course below is a cost-effective solution for groups of students. It gives excellent information through video and shows real-world examples and applications. Plus, users can re-watch until they are competent with the material.

We have color-coded this entire site based on Occupational titles. This is to help you decide what PLC training is most needed based on your relative occupation.

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Recommended PLC training path by occupation...

  • industrial mechanic Mechanic
  • Industrial Electrician Industrial Electrician
  • Industrial Engineer Industrial Engineer
  • Commercial Electrician Commercial Electrician
  • Instrumentation Tech Instrumentation Tech
  • industrial it certification Industrial IT
  • Maintenance Manager Maintenance Manager
  • Mechatronics Tech Mechatronics Tech
  • Software Programmer Software Programmer

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