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The majority of PLC users will be using it as a tool for PLC troubleshooting. The majority of those users will have PLC troubleshooting as their primary job. Even PLC programmers often find themselves troubleshooting. So next to the PLC Basics Foundation training phase, this would be the second most important training phase. Typically mastering PLC troubleshooting takes years of trial and error (and cost most don’t realize they are acquiring).

The recommended PLC Troubleshooting course below addresses this issue head on. Trough real world simulation it first teaches best practice PLC troubleshooting, then walks user through trial faults to troubleshoot, then gives user scored faults to solve as a test. With the detailed feedback (including safety procedures overlooked, and other areas of improvement) user finds themselves fine tuning their PLC Troubleshooting skills. This allows users to gain years of valuable troubleshooting experience in just days.

We have color coded this entire site based on Occupational titles to help you decide what PLC training is most needed based on your relative occupation.

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Recommended PLC training path by occupation...

  • Mechanic Mechanic
  • Industrial Electrician Industrial Electrician
  • Industrial Engineer Industrial Engineer
  • Commercial Electrician Commercial Electrician
  • Instrumentation Tech Instrumentation Tech
  • Industrial IT Industrial IT
  • Maintenance Manager Maintenance Manager
  • Mechatronics Tech Mechatronics Tech
  • plc software programming Software Programmer

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