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Industrial Training Video - AB PLC Cables - Drivers

View the PLC cables Video (DVD) from our Allen Bradley training courses.

ab plc cables

This industrial training video not only covers AB PLC cables, but non-OEM replacement cables too, like cables.

This industrial training video will introduce the viewer to the 3 kinds of PLC Controllers and the different kinds of AB PLC cables, non-OEM PLC cables and PLC communication protocols.

Introduction to AB PLC Cables and Drivers is the first in a series of training videos designed to teach anyone what a PLC is and how to you effectively operate one. This first PLC training video covers the different types of PLCs, the cables types needed to connect to the AB PLC, the PLC communication protocols - drivers and related areas of the RSLinks software.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are devices that use ladder logic to control anything from industrial machines in a factory to traffic lights in your town. PLCs are an integral part of all manufacturing facilities around the world. Therefore having a better understanding of how to work with the PLC and how to use them is beneficial to everyone in the industry.

The first section goes over the three main categories of PLCs; the regular (PLC5), small (SLC 500 system) and micro (Micrologix). You will learn what types of PLC's fit into each category. The next section deals with the different types of cables required to connect your computer to a PLC. You will also be introduced to the different types of PLC communication protocols and drivers required for each PLC cable option. There is even a section that will show you how to save money by using low cost non-OEM PLC cables instead of their more expensive counterparts. Another section goes over how to configure and use RSLinks; which is the communication program that allows your computer to communicate with the PLC.

This industrial training video will teach real-world and application knowledge in a professional and enjoyable way that only experience with all 3 AB PLCs could provide. This is the only video on the market that will even show you how to use third party PLC cables to save money and downtime. Watch the preview PLC training video today, and learn more about the exciting training techniques utilized in this industrial training video.

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