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DeviceNet Software Tutorial

"Industrial Network Training - DeviceNetâ„¢ Training Software CD"

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What is a device net network? What is DeviceNet software? This DeviceNet training tutorial is an interactive training CD (CBT) that will deliver Level 1 training. Soon we will release the 'Level 2' Device Net tutorial also, delivering even more about this industrial network used by over 40% of the industrial automation control that is networked together.

The DeviceNet Software Tutorial - Level 1 CD teaches you What is DeviceNet, Component Identification, Power Supplies, Tips and Tricks and more. This DeviceNet tutorial also introduces you to DeviceNet Messaging allowing industrial automation control between different equipment vendors.

This industrial network training tutorial will include a Laboratory Manual for use by Tech Schools, Community Colleges, Company Training Departments, Apprenticeship Programs and individuals. Because this DeviceNet training walks you thru simulated design and maintenance of an efficient DeviceNet, this tutorial can be used as preparation training for the commissioning of plant.

DeviceNet Tutorial-Level 1 includes a simulation of Cutler Hammer Automation's NetView Software. The simulation covers Explicit Messaging. A unit covering tips and tricks to the successful commissioning of plant industrial network is also included. These are things we learned the "hard-way!"

The tutorial also includes a final Quiz. Once the student scores 85% or above, a certificate of completion, with the student's name and score are printed.


"Great job!! I would definitely recommend using this in the classroom."

"Really liked all the interaction in this unit. Good exercise at the end allowing them to build a system."

"I found the DeviceNet Tutorial 1 to be a very good training tool and I expect that the College will be purchasing a few packages."

"One of the best explanations of Power Supply and network design I have seen."

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