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Electrical Troubleshooting Training Software

Electrical Troubleshooting Training Software Electrical Troubleshooting Training Software Electrical Troubleshooting Training Software

Troubleshooting electrical equipment can be difficult and hazardous. Ineffective troubleshooting skills can lead to extended equipment outages, increased costs of repairs, and lost revenue from non-operational processes; it can even lead to accidents or injuries.

If you are looking for a highly effective way to learn systematic electrical troubleshooting and problem-solving skills – look no further. These award-winning electricians software products are ideal for learning electrical troubleshooting techniques in a safe environment. Over the years, the original simulators have been replaced with a better combination. Instead of just simulators, they are now full courses with simulations built-in, or bundles of course and simulator. The Series starts with the Troubleshooting Motor Circuits program (TMC replaced with the MCTrainer). Then take the Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits program (TEC replaced with the TSTrainer) and finish up with the Troubleshooting Control Circuit program (TCC replaced with the TroubleX simulator). Use these industrial maintenance training courses for your electrical training programs and help reduce downtime of equipment and cost of repairs as well as reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Designed for use by Instructors, Supervisors, Students, and experienced Tradespersons.

Instructors:: Use Site or Enterprise Licenses as part of your classroom training course or as part of an E-Learning or Distance Education course.

Supervisors – Use a Site or Enterprise License to improve the troubleshooting skills of your staff, and your company’s bottom line.

Apprentices and Students – Use a Student/single learner license to learn to safely and effectively troubleshoot electrical circuits.

Tradespeople – Use a Student/single learner license to further develop and hone your electrical troubleshooting skills.


Here's a little bit of feed back on your Troubleshooting Software. First off, the guys here love the programs. A couple of them even use it on their lunch time!--Mark Wisniewski - Conoco Phillips

It had some challenging faults that actually helped me improve my troubleshooting skills which I have since been able to apply on my current job as an industrial electrician. For learning and value it was excellent.-Esto Jackson

Let me first say how great your program is. A great way to hone my troubleshooting skills. Some people will get up in the morning and have a coffee and play a game of solitaire on the computer. Myself, even though I have finished all three programs, I still try to solve one or two in the morning with my coffee. Just waiting for a new series to be released, is this going to happen? If so, when?-Tony Wortman

“The techniques I have developed have allowed me to achieve over 99% accuracy in my HVAC testing…and is allowing me to take the NATE exam well before the required two year “on the job” waiting period.-Rich M.

“I absolutely love [the software]. I am a Controls Technician and I use it to review, and/or to learn/verify things all the time. This software is an invaluable tool that I wish I had when I was attending college.”-Joe B., Controls Technician

“Right now, no one produces electrical training/educational products that come close to having the bang for the buck that you guys do, and I’m speaking of any type of media. And this program is hands down the best electrical training product I’ve ever seen.”-Joe

“Your product is a great and realistic tool. I ordered the bundle with all software products. I work as a power plant electrician for a major utility. I was hired from a different industry that didn’t deal much with control circuits or AC motors. I have since been to training classes and read books but your realistic hands-on program is beyond compare. It has measurably improved my electrical troubleshooting in real instances on the job”-Horace N.

“I love the programs. I actually feel a lot more confident in my ability to troubleshoot my machinery on board the ship. We have an electrician on board, but I would rather try to find solutions myself first.”-Eric R., Second Assistant Engineer, Merchant Marine

“[The Troubleshooting Skills programs] are a valuable, safe, and effective way for new folks as well as veterans to sharpen their skills.”-Charlie B.

“Having 15 years’ experience, dual trade Electrician and Instrument Tech, eight and a half years in Mining and heavy industry, six and a half years manufacturing and food processing and medium industry, I can say that there is nothing else like your software out there in the market or educational sector.”-Kris T.

“I work in a water purification plant so fluid processing is what we do. The behavior of this virtual system and the logic of the simulation are very, very realistic.”-Joe

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