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Onsite PLC Training

If you have 3 or more employees to be trained, onsite PLC training is the most cost effective PLC training solution and offer the greatest return on a company’s training investment if the company delivering the PLC training utilizes best practices outlined here on

Business Industrial Network (BIN95) provides customized onsite PLC training (Program Logic Controller), for your maintenance and engineering employees. Onsite PLC training by BIN95 delivers the greatest return on your investment because employees are using your company PLC programs in class, so they additionally get more familiar and comfortable with how your own specific equipment works. To increase the return on your investment even further, as with all of BIN95’s instructor based PLC training, it focus on reduction of downtime, increased safety and reliability. As it is PLC training provided by an independent nonbiased training company, more knowledge and PLC brand specifics are delivered that an OEM would not otherwise reveal. This PLC training also focus on making your company less OEM dependant, resulting in even less downtime.

BIN95’s focus on real world topics and techniques to better enable your employees to work with PLCs in the most safe and reliable way. Most others just present the 'how to', not safety practice, good work habits and the best way to perform a particular function. Also another key topic delivered is how to best manage the PLCs in your facility, to great reduce the lifecycle cost of your automation equipment.

The PLC Training Seminar Includes:

This course has also qualified under the Federal Program - Workforce Investment Act of 1998 and most state reimbursement programs. So a company could possibly get reimbursed some or all of the training fees if they chose to pursue that. BIN95 is also registered in the Federal CCR database if any Federal, State or Local government employees are interested in this PLC training. (Been specializing in PLC training since 1995 and still maintains an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.)

Customer Comment ...

"This training is not like the vendor training we have received before where they try to sell you their hardware. We were getting hands-on training after the first hour and advice that only an experienced end-user would offer. A great supplement to our tech school training. Thanks" Jim (Maintenance Manager)

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