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Featured: ABS01 Micrologix PLC Trainer w/Lessons

Higher education equals higher pay, so we make these very affordable.

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Description: Micrologix 1000 PLC Training Equipment w/ PLC Programming Training Lessons
The only PLC equipment we offer is PLC training equipment. Our PLC Trainers are standard educational equipment for manufacturing training and the individual. We include PLC programming training and examples so the PLC Trainer can be used for self PLC programming training too. Higher education equals higher pay, so we make these very affordable. Same discounted price for individuals that we sell the PLC Training Equipment to Schools, Corporations and Government for.

This also is the PLC trainer we give companies ordering our onsite PLC training and give to PLC training seminar attendees.

Includes ...

The included series of PLC programming training lessons are for the beginner programmer just learning how to program and the seasoned engineer that is looking to improve their skills. We cover everything from simple pointers to advanced moves and data manipulation. We are trying to teach you something you can not get in a manuals, but recommend you read them too.

The PLC Trainer will have a CD with 7 PLC programming training lessons, free AB PLC software download instructions and 4 Allen Bradley PLC programming training examples.

Lessons and PLC Programming Training Examples:

Learning material is in PDF lessons and in rung descriptions of actual PLC programming training example files. (.rss) PLC programming training examples have well documented rungs so you can follow the PLC program and see the reasoning for everything.

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Recommended PLC training path by occupation...

  • mechanic Mechanic
  • Industrial Electrician Industrial Electrician
  • Industrial Engineer Industrial Engineer
  • Commercial Electrician Commercial Electrician
  • Instrumentation Tech Instrumentation Tech
  • Industrial IT Industrial IT
  • Maintenance Manager Maintenance Manager
  • Mechatronics Tech Mechatronics Tech
  • Software Programmer Software Programmer