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PLC Training and Simulator 2 CD Set

Windows 7 and Vista 64 compatible software!

The PLCTrainer version 4.32 uses RSLogixladder logic look and feel and now includes analog instruction, an area that has been overlooked by most PLC training materials. Order now and receive a second CD free LogixPro™, an RSLogix ™ logic simulator!  (right click, save target as PLC Training Demo for demo of an earlier version of the PLC Trainer. Purchased version will actually be win7, Vista, XP compatible.)

2nd CD: LogixPro ™, an ideal tool for learning the fundamentals of RSLogix ladder logic programming. The look, feel and operation of our ladder rung editor so closely mimics Allen Bradley's latest software offering, that many need a second look to be sure who's editor they're using. (Especially if you currently own a copy of RSLogix as you can open it from within the PLCTrainer.) click for PLC Simulator CD screenshots

This "virtual PLC" environment or PLC Simulator allows the learner to apply the knowledge gained in The PLCTrainer without the expense of purchasing RSLogix or even a PLC.

This new PLC Training Software runs on Windows ME, NT, 2000, XP and Windows Vista. If your equipment has any of the following example Micrologix 1000, SLC 500 and PLC 5 PLC model numbers, you can benefit from this training. (all series 1747, 1771 and 1761)

1761-L10BXB, 1761-L32AWA, 1761-L32BWA, 1747-L20, L30, L40, 1747-L511, 1747-L521, 1747-L532, 1747-L541, 1747-L552, 1771-*, 1785-L20B, 1785-L30, 1785-L40, 1785-L60, 1785-L80 etc.

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