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Siemens PLC training - S7-200 PLC trainer, option MicroWIN 4 software

Featured: Siemens Simatic S7 PLC Trainer w/Lessons

Step 7 Microwin 4 software is optional so you can make this PLC trainer more affordable.

Siemens PLC training

Description: Siemens S7-221 PLC Training Equipment w/ Siemens PLC Programming Training Lessons
The only PLC equipment we offer is PLC training equipment. Our PLC Trainers are standard educational equipment for manufacturing training and the individual. We include Siemens PLC programming training and examples so the PLC Trainer can be used for self paced PLC programming training too. If you or your company already have MicroWIN 4 software (Simatic step 7 software) you can order the Siemens S7-221 PLC Trainer without programming software to make it more affordable. Prices below are the same discounted price for individuals that we sell the PLC Training Equipment to Schools, Corporations and Government for.

This featured Siemens PLC Trainer is a Siemens (Simatic S7-221) with everything you need to start programming if you order with Step 7 MicroWIN 4 below or already have the software.

Includes ...

The included series of Siemens PLC programming training lessons are for the beginner programmer just learning how to program and the seasoned engineer that are looking to improve their skills. We cover everything from simple pointers to advanced moves and data manipulation. We are trying to teach you something you can not get in a manuals, but recommend you read them too.

The Siemens PLC Trainer will have a CD with 7 PLC programming training lessons 4 Siemens PLC programming training examples.

Note: Our trainers (and and Siemens's software) will run on Windows 7, but you may need to install XP Mode please check your system requirements before making the purchase, you may not be able to load and run the Siemens software direct from Windows 7. They run great on Windows XP

Lessons and PLC Programming Training Examples:

Learning material is in PDF lessons and in rung descriptions of actual PLC programming training example files. (.mwp) PLC programming training examples have well documented rungs so you can follow the PLC program and see the reasoning for everything.

plc programming example

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